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Tire Trac – Tire Performance

Tire Performance

Goodyear has built an extensive tire performance database with our TIRE TRAC Tire Performance Tracking tool. TIRE TRAC takes real tire performance information from your fleet via fleet surveys that can be performed by your Goodyear representative, Goodyear Dealer or yourself. This information is then used to develop advanced reports that can demonstrate how tires and maintenance programs are performing within your fleet. Instantly you are able to identify problem areas with tire products or maintenance program performance via the exception reporting capabilities of TIRE TRAC. The TIRE TRAC SYSTEM allows you to investigate a specific tire on a specific unit or view entire fleet information at a macro level to identify systemic trends within your fleet across the country. Goodyear TIRE TRAC lets you compare better cost/mile from tires in one region of the country vs. another, or notice a consistent inflation problem in one of your yards, maybe even specific vehicles are wearing tires out faster than others. Whether it’s tracking one single tire’s performance to monitoring a nationwide tire program Goodyear TIRE TRAC has it all there to help you make the right decisions.

A report showing share of top 10 wear conditions

Cost per mile analysis for a Goodyear tire based on 685 data points