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24/7 Roadside Assistance

Goodyear 24/7 Roadside Assistance Get Connected With The Goodyear RoadService App

Our national network of dealers will get you rolling, on average, in about two hours from the time you call to help you reduce downtime and save money.

Get Back On The Road Fast

Your call or web request to the Goodyear Fleet HQSM Solution Center for breakdown service starts the clock for our road service network. And the clock doesn’t stop until your truck is back up and running. With a roll time goal of two hours or less, Goodyer Fleet HQ wants to help you make the delivery on time. Access 24-hour customer support by phone at 1-866-FleetHQ (1-866-353-3847). All calls are recorded for accuracy, and detailed call reports are available on goodyeartrucktires.com.

No Need to Carry Cash

Your credit is good throughout the Goodyear Fleet HQ network. No matter where you receive service, all charges will be consolidated and invoiced from your hometown dealer. It’s just simpler that way.

Stay Informed Online

No matter where your fleet receives service, you can always access detailed emergency roadside service reports online at goodyeartrucktires.com.

OnLine Service Requests

Some of our largest fleets prefer to enter their emergency roadside service requests online rather than calling. This option is open to all fleets.

Close-up of color coded map of breakdown activity for a Goodyear fleet