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T & W Tire's Success Comes from Understanding Customer Needs

T & W Tire

T & W Tire co-founder Charlie Wilson believes Goodyear provides customers a wide range of tire products to suit their needs and budgets and many tools to help them control their tire-related costs.

Wilson also believes it's the job of T & W Tire's roughly 300 employees to help customers make full use of those products and tools. And it's a job that Goodyear believes T & W Tire and its employees have done well.

T & W Tire was recently chosen as Goodyear's “Dealer of the Month” for providing customers outstanding service, while helping them to choose from among the Goodyear, Dunlop and Kelly tire brands. Goodyear's “Dealer of the Month” honor also recognizes T & W Tire for helping customers make full use of Goodyear services, such as fleetHQ and TVTRACK and G-TRACS automated tracking system.

“We're pleased and honored for T & W Tire to be chosen as Dealer of the Month,” Wilson said. “T & W Tire succeeds because it hires quality employees who care about our customers. And because we emphasize to our employees the importance of knowing the products and services available from Goodyear and the importance of understanding the customers' business and application.”

T & W Tire

Wilson and his business partner, Darell Theissen, created T & W Tire in 1986 through the merger of their tire dealerships. T & W Tire has 13 tire centers in Oklahoma and Texas and two tire retreading facilities in San Antonio and Oklahoma City. The centers sell tires for vehicles from the smallest to the largest in on-road and off-road applications. On the commercial side, the company specializes in serving the needs of commercial fleets, owner/operators, delivery companies, construction companies, earth mover businesses, farmers and ranchers, companies in the oil and gas industry, concrete companies and warehouse operators.

Though Wilson, and his business partner, Theissen, have since sold the business to their sons, Wilson still serves as general manager of the company. And the penchant for service the two men instilled in the company's operation since the beginning remains at the core of its business.

“Our company's philosophy is really all about service, service, service,” he added. “And Goodyear certainly makes it easier by offering a variety of tires for different applications and budgets. It's really our job to get to know our customers and to match up those products that will best meet their needs.

“We encourage our employees to learn as much as they can about our customers' operations,” he added. “By asking customers questions and using information from tire performance tracking tools such as TVTRACK, our employees can help them choose the right tires for their operation. If they choose to run lower grade tires to save money, our employees can show them how Goodyear tires can help them gain more miles to removal or reduce their tire-related costs in the long run.”

Tire retreading offers another way T & W Tire helps its customers get more miles to removal or reduce tire costs. T & W Tire uses the pre-cure and Goodyear's patented UniCircle methods at its retreading plants in San Antonio and Oklahoma City.

“We help our customers to see the value of retreaded tires because they offer comparable results to new tires and cost less,” Wilson said. “The Goodyear UniCircle retread is a good seller because it features compounds that match new tire performance in traction and treadwear. The seamless tread is precisely positioned on the casing so the tire wears evenly and remains easy to balance.”

Probably the single biggest contributor to T & W's success has been Goodyear's fleetHQ program, Wilson added.

“It gives our customers one number that they can call if their trucks need roadside assistance with their tires,” he said. “Because our customers get charged the same price for tires that they would if they were buying the tires from us, they feel they're not being taken advantage of. It's been a tremendous asset and has greatly contributed to our success.”