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Graham Tire Sets Itself Apart from Competition to Win Over Customers

Graham Tire - Your Tire Store Next Door

Some of Graham Tire Company's biggest commercial customers may haul baked goods such as cookies for Nabisco, but the tire services they offer their customers are anything but cookie cutter.

Kelly Monthei, general manager of Graham Tire's eastern division, said the tire company provides service that goes above and beyond the expectations of its customers, which on the commercial side include livestock haulers, refrigerated load carriers, and grain haulers.

"We pride ourselves on being better than the next guy," Monthei said. "We look at what our customers are doing and we get to know their operations. That's how we're able to offer them products and services that can meet their needs and exceed their expectations."

Monthei said by getting to know the operations of their customers, Graham's 150 employees can determine which of Goodyear's wide range of tire products can best suit their needs and budgets and which services can help them best control their tire-related costs.

Graham Tire - Your Tire Store Next Door

Graham Tire Company was recently chosen as Goodyear's "Dealer of the Month" for providing customers outstanding service, while helping them to choose from among the Goodyear, Dunlop and Kelly tire brands. Goodyear's "Dealer of the Month" honor also recognizes Graham Tire for helping customers make full use of Goodyear services, such as fleetHQ and TVTRACK and G-TRACS automated tracking system.

"We're proud to be named as Dealer of the Month," Monthei said. "It's the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication by our employees."

Graham Tire opened its first store in Sioux Falls, S.D., in 1951. Bill Graham, founder, opened a second location in Spencer, Iowa, in 1955. Since 1955, the company has expanded to 22 locations in four states. Sioux Falls serves as the company's headquarters for its western division, which includes locations in South Dakota and Nebraska. Spencer, Iowa, serves as headquarters for its eastern division, which includes locations in Minnesota and Iowa. The company also has two retreading facilities, one in Sioux Falls and the other in Spencer.

Graham's 22 stores sell consumer tires for automobiles and light trucks. Graham also serves as a wholesale supplier and distributor for other Goodyear dealers in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota. On the commercial side, the company specializes in serving the needs of commercial fleets, owner/operators, delivery companies, construction companies, earth mover businesses, farmers and ranchers, concrete companies and warehouse operators.

"Bill Graham started this company with the ideal that we would provide our customers with products and services of the highest quality," he said. Bill's sons, Bob and Tom, have continued that legacy, he added.

"Goodyear helps us fulfill that ideal by providing services that lower their operating costs such as fleetHQ and products that offer the latest in tire innovations such as DuraSeal Technology and Fuel Max Technology," Monthei said.

"fleetHQ gives our customers one number that they can call if their trucks need roadside assistance with their tires," he added. "Our customers like the fact that they get charged the same price for tires that they would if they were buying the tires from us. fleetHQ has been a tremendous asset."

"We're also excited about the latest new tires Goodyear has introduced in the last few years including the most recent tire model that was developed for waste haulers - the Goodyear G289 WHA. We've had demonstrations and displays of the tire for our customers at our stores. They've been impressed with how the tires can save them a lot of downtime, particularly when they're equipped with DuraSeal Technology.

"We encourage our employees to help our customers get a firm handle on their tire expenses by making full use of all the tools and products Goodyear offers," he added. "We have tire technicians who regularly visit our customers and do regular air pressure checks on their trucks. They also conduct scrap tire analysis to help customers get the most miles to removal from their tires."

Tire retreading offers another way Graham Tire helps its customers get more miles to removal or reduce tire costs. Graham Tire uses the pre-cure and Goodyear's patented UniCircle methods at its retreading plants in Sioux Falls and Spencer.

"We help our customers to see the value of retreaded tires because they offer comparable results to new tires and cost less," Monthei said. "The Goodyear UniCircle retread is a good seller because it features compounds that match new tire performance in traction and treadwear. The seamless tread is precisely positioned on the casing so the tire wears evenly and remains easy to balance."