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DuraSeal Technology®

DuraSeal Technology - How it Works

The More Efficient Way to Retread.

Solvent free and nonflammable, DuraSeal Technology also eliminates the threat of chamber fires during the retreading process. It's easy-to-see yellow color helps to highlight puncture locations. And it doesn’t need to be removed when a worn tire finally needs to be retreaded.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Clear cost savings is what it all comes down to. With DuraSeal Technology, fleets can eliminate all the costs associated with aftermarket sealants – the cost of initial application, the cost of cleaning out old sealant and re-applying new sealant, as well as the cost of disposal. Plus, there’s no mess, wheel cleaning or need to find the right retreader. No repair. No labor. No mess. No downtime for tire repair. Any way you look at it, a fleet comes out ahead with DuraSeal Technology. Tires last longer and time-to-replacement is extended. And with tire costs in the top three expenditures for fleets, just think what that can do for your bottom line. For a more detailed look at the potential cost savings in store for fleets that run on tires with DuraSeal Technology, please refer to the Cost Savings Calculator.

Test Results Speak for Themselves.

View DureSeal Technology test results

Measured against aftermarket sealants for puncture-sealing efficiency, tire longevity and fewer repairs, DuraSeal Technology proved superior. In tests against tires with no sealant, tires with DuraSeal Technology remained in service much longer because they didn’t need to be taken off the job for puncture repairs.*

View DureSeal Technology test results

  • *Goodyear sealant tire puncture-sealing efficiency tests.