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DuraSeal Technology® Testimonials

  • Goodyear’s Sealant Tires ‘Seal Up’ Savings for City of Toronto

    “DuraSeal Technology® helps us keep our pickup schedule and significantly reduces our overtime and tire maintenance costs.”

    ~ Ross Petrini, Maintenance Mgr, City of Toronto’s fleet svcs.

  • Goodyear Helps Lightning Disposal Save Money and Offer Clients Timely Service

    “These DuraSeal Technology Tires mean that I can be confident our drivers will be there to pick up the construction debris at the times we promise.”

    ~ Bob Nitti, Lightning Disposal

  • DuraSeal Technology® Lays Waste to Hauler’s Flat Tire Problems

    “We had no idea that we would get that kind of result with the DuraSeal Technology® tires. None whatsoever.”

    ~ Rich Klein, San Bruno Garbage Company’s operations manager.