Drive-Over Reader

Goodyear CheckPoint provides automated inspections of tire pressure and tread depth. Ideal for high-volume yards, this solution enables large quantities of vehicles to be inspected and offers a frequently updated snapshot of tire health.

Tire Monitoring


Innovative system of pressure and optical sensors paired with RFID or license plate recognition technology that captures information as a vehicle drives over it

Automated Inspection Collects

Tire pressure | Tread Depth | Axle Loads

Insights and Analysis

Real-time alerts:

Tire pressure | Tread Depth

Exception and tire health summaries | Detailed inspection results | Load distribution reporting

Service Activation

Fleet HQ service coordination | Data-driven service deployment to increase labor efficiency

Best For

Large fleets with ~200+ vehicles

(100+ for mixed service fleets)

NOTE: Parameters above are optimal; however, each fleet can be evaluated on an individual basis.

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