TPMS PLUS is a connected, active monitoring system that goes beyond the benefits of traditional dashboard monitoring. Using Goodyear's unique, fleet-specific algorithms, TMPS Plus helps identify critical issues, inflation trends, and much more allowing you to be proactive instead of reactive.

Tire Monitoring


Sensors and telematics connected to the Goodyear Mobility Cloud

Active Monitoring Collects

Tire pressure | Tire Temperature | GPS Location

Insights and Analysis

Real-time alerts:

Slow and Fast Air Leaks | High Temperature

Predictive, pressure-monitoring analytics | Tire theft detection

Vehicle tracking and tracing | Inflation summary report

Custom geofence capabilities | Missing telematics and/or sensor reports

Service Activation

Fleet HQ service coordination | Data-driven service deployment to increase labor efficiency

Best For

Any fleet of any size

More Tire Monitoring Equipment

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Goodyear Tire Optix

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Goodyear CheckPoint Drive-Over Reader

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