Avoid Tire Deflation

If a standard wide-base tire hits a nail or other debris and goes flat, there is no limp-home capability, and in about 30 percent of the cases, the tire deflates to a level where it ruins a $450 USD wheel.

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Long Kilometres To Removal

With DuraSeal, you can run confidently with your wide base tires and reap the weight-saving benefits while optimizing fuel economy and kilometres to removal.

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Resist Irregular Wear

While DuraSeal sets these tires apart, they also achieve best-in-class handling and offer excellent tread depth in the drive position with a tread pattern that helps promote even wear

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Extend Your Savings

You could save more than 1,100 pounds over a dual assembly and achieve comparable fuel economy numbers to other SmartWay®-verified tires in the marketplace with the combination of Goodyear’s G392 and G394.

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SmartWay® Verified

The G392 SSD and G394 SST are SmartWay-verified, joining Goodyear’s complete long-haul and regional SmartWay lineup.

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G392 SSD DuraSeal + Fuel Max

Goodyear’s unique nine-rib design, with eight wide, circumferential grooves, provides all-season traction in dry, wet and snowy conditions. Combined with its deep, 25/32" tread depth for long initial tire life, the tire tested best in class in wet and dry traction at Goodyear’s test facility in San Angelo, Texas, and in snow performance testing in Minnesota. The design of the tread is coupled with a casing construction that restricts casing expansion to help alleviate irregular wear. The G392 SSD is available in load range “L” in a 445/50R22.5 size.

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G394 SST® DuraSeal + Fuel Max

Featuring a five-rib design with minimal blades, the G394 SST has tread compounding for SmartWay verification and long kilometres to removal. Its 12/32" tread depth provides an excellent balance to maximize fuel economy, weight and tread life. The optimized tread and mold design provides for a uniform footprint to help resist irregular wear while providing a quiet ride. The tire’s robust shoulder design and casing construction help it resist curbing damage. The G394 SST is available in load range “L” in a 445/50R22.5 size.

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